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Martes, Oktubre 16, 2012


I was surfing the internet, looking for enough proof to pursue writing this article about a girl who was  robbed, beaten and then left for dead in a taxi modus operandi. Luckily, I found the Philippine Daily Inquirer's article in the internet about the victim. I cut the story short to make it precise.
Here it goes.

This story happened last 1st of October, 2012. In The fort area. The girl who refused to disclose her name to the public rode a taxi in The fort area around 10 a.m. The Taxi's identity was identified later on by the victim after she reported to the police. The alleged Taxi who was suspected to be in a cahoot business with the culprits is a CELYNN taxi with the plate number UVY 636.

Yes, that is right. The Taxi's name was CELYNN with a plate number of UVY 636. There have been similar reported incidents in famous areas like Makati, Rockwell, SM mega mall, Ortigas, Aurora, Cubao and now, The Fort.. Seems like these criminals know where the potential victims can be found.

If you reside in the said places, or you go there often, I suggest when you ride a cab from these places I enumerated, you always take necessary precautions. You always text the plate number, the name of the taxi, the time you rode it and where you rode it to someone you know.

Going back to the story, the girl was trying to call the driver's attention because he was driving far from the destination she gave. The taxi suddenly stopped somewhere and let 3 guys in black outfit with covered faces enter the cab. The girl was robbed, beaten, was asked to withdraw cash from her ATM card. After doing the crime chores, the criminals sprayed tear gas on her eyes and left her for dead somewhere.

Good thing she was alive and people who saw her gave her a helping hand.


1.) Most of the crimes happen at night, so if it is possible for you not to travel at night, please do not travel. Stay at a friend's house and wait til morning.
2.) If it is possible to have someone to with you when you ride a cab, that would be good, but hold uppers are not afraid fighting groups coz they always carry weapons.
3.) If number 1 and number 2 are unavoidable, ask someone to accompany you to the taxi station where you'll ride a cab. By these, taxi drivers who have bad intentions may fear doing them because they have been recognized by that someone who accompanied you riding a cab. They might think your friend already memorized their plate number.
4.) If there is no one to accompany you, text the plate number and the name of the taxi, where you ride it, and the time you ride it to someone you know: a friend, classmate or your parents. At least they know where to find you and where to go to when something bad happens to you. Constantly update them where your taxi is leading you to. In that way, they could act instantly and they will know instantly where to look for you if the driver announced a hold up.
5.) THIS IS A TRICK. You could either do this or fake this. When you ride a cab, call someone and tell them that you are riding a cab, tell them where you ride the cab, the plate number and constantly update them through call where the cab is heading you to. You intentionally make them hear the conversation, act like you don't mean it as if you are not aware that the driver's there. In that way, the driver might fear accomplishing their evil deeds because you have already reported their identity.

Doing the trick, you'll act that you are talking to someone on the other line just to freak the driver out if he has bad intentions. Again, this is risky! Before doing the trick, text the information about the cab to someone you know. Just in case the driver pursues that bad intention, he'll be caught

This is weighty and vital for most of us ride cabs. Just in case you ride one again, do these things for your safety.


*Dear Readers, I wrote this article to inform, educate other people, initiate change and save lives. I am in high hopes of you sharing this blog and article to people you care for. Share this article and blog to your friends. Thank you so much-----The Frustrated Journalist

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